Welcome to the CPS forms review site!
Here you can review and try out the input forms for the new Curriculum Proposal System. What you see here is the outcome of a design process which has extended over the last several months and included extensive feedback from many faculty members and administrative staff. Please review these forms carefully and if you wish to submit comments, send them to curriculum_approval@uakron.edu no later than April 23, 2010.
These forms are an accurate representation, both visually and functionally, of those which will go into use at the beginning of the Fall Semester. However, since they are not connected to any live data bases, the functionality is only simulated at this point. Here are some things to keep in mind as you review them. A system tutorial, as well as other help and reference links and a complete glossary of terms, will be added prior to the system roll out in September.
The tabs at the top of the course forms will not all appear unless certain selections are made within the form (for example, answering “yes” to the General Education question will cause the GEAC tab to appear). However, in the prototype forms all tabs are displayed.

The new program and change program forms require a good deal of information. Generally all of the tabs shown at the top of these forms will be required to complete the proposal. It is likely that a number of people may be involved in completing a new program proposal.

There will be places in the forms to click on a reference link to an off-system reference page. Wherever you see blue text with underlining there is, or will be, a hyperlink to a reference or explanation. However, they may not be live links at this time and more such help links are likely to be added before the system goes live.

The fields and tables in the prototype forms have no validation feature, meaning that you can enter text in a number field or vice versa, or decimals where only whole numbers should be allowed, etc. In the live system, validations will be in place in certain fields to prevent this.

There are large areas of white space on some forms. These are places where there are hidden fields which only are displayed if data is needed based on selections you make. The prime example is the course change form. If you check an item indicating it will be changed, more data fields will appear to the right. There are similar instances on other forms as well.

The choices you will see on the drop down menus, pick lists and pre-populated fields are only representative of what would appear in these places when the system becomes operational. Currently it is dummy information only.

The choices offered on some drop downs / pick lists are representative only and not what you will see there when the system goes live. These lists will then be populated from live data bases.

There will be a spell check feature for the text fields. However, this is not present in the prototype forms.

In the prototype forms, you will not be able to use the tab key to advance from field to field.

You may not be able to enter data in some of the tables.

A note on the comments and objections pages: The comments field will be available to reviewers as the proposal moves through the approval process.  A new comment entered will trigger an email to the originating department and college notifying them that a comment has been entered. The objections field will work basically the same way, but will only be available during the two-week University-wide Review stage of the approval process. Objections will trigger the same email notifications as comments, plus a notification to the University Curriculum Review Committee.
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