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ACADEMIC YEAR TERM GENDER                        

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COLLEGEDetail By DeptDetail By TypeTotalAfr AmerAsian Pac IslTwo or More RacesNative Haw/Othr PacificAsianHispNR AlienNat AmerUnkWhite
Buchtel College of Arts and SciencesDEPTDEGREE TYPE14191220003528721441097
College of Applied Science and TechnologyDEPTDEGREE TYPE1046159000211111642784
College of Business AdministrationDEPTDEGREE TYPE6603200022448113535
College of EducationDEPTDEGREE TYPE5483400012921117445
College of EngineeringDEPTDEGREE TYPE39970001156929295
College of Health ProfessionsDEPTDEGREE TYPE11418500013127231976
College of Polymer Science and EngineeringDEPTDEGREE TYPE9010001181024
School of LawDEPTDEGREE TYPE1592000111037135
Wayne CollegeDEPTDEGREE TYPE10140000301290
Total 556344600012674309171674361

The data for the current academic year reflects: Summer,Fall,Spring