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College AdmittedDetail By DeptDetail By CareerSp2011Sp2012Sp2013Sp2014Sp2015
Buchtel College of Arts and SciencesDEPT CAREER4,7904,7764,4644,3684,152
College of Applied Science and TechnologyDEPT CAREER4,5314,5114,2604,0283,807
College of Business AdministrationDEPT CAREER1,8081,6361,6431,6361,742
College of EducationDEPT CAREER1,8171,7061,6091,4321,169
College of EngineeringDEPT CAREER1,8301,9972,1952,3662,545
College of Health ProfessionsDEPT CAREER3,7913,9883,9763,8123,656
College of Polymer Science and EngineeringDEPT CAREER191243295308336
School of LawDEPT CAREER484516485451404
University CollegeDEPT CAREER8,3948,0767,2936,5065,990
VP for Research and Dean of Graduate SchoolDEPT CAREER122150145179146

* The table above reflects unduplicated student enrollment. Each student enrolled at the census date (15th day) is counted once in the program of admission (College of Admission).
* Students in academic program 'UNUND', Unclassified Non-Degree are included in University College.
* Exception: Students counted in Wayne College under the "Total UA" profile include students declared in Wayne College majors and students attending Wayne College as undeclared majors. All other students attending Wayne in other major areas are counted in the college offering the major.
* Users may select three views of this unduplicated enrollment data:
Total UA Reflects the total enrollment of UA's Akron and Wayne College.
Wayne Reflects the total enrollment at Wayne College determined by where the majority of a student's credits are taken. If a student is taking equal or more credits at Wayne, the student is counted as Wayne.
Akron Reflects the total enrollment at the Akron campus determined by where the majority of a student's credits are taken. If a student is taking more credits at the Akron campus, the student is counted as Akron.
Source: Census Headcount Extracts